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Cherry Blossom's Elegy

Pluvial Allusion


Hi! My name is Maddy (short for Madeleine). I am a San Francisco Bay Area born-and-raised, longtime swimmer, video game, and anime enthusiast. But I also love to make videos!Inspired by amazing artists and creators on YouTube, I taught myself how to edit videos when I was around 9 or 10 years old on Windows Movie Maker to showcase my budding digital art. Since then I've grown a passion for realizing one's artistic visions through video editing.Although I'm not much of an illustrator anymore these days, this past hobby of mine has led me to learn Sony Vegas, FinalCut Pro, and currently Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. At the beginning of 2021, I had the privilege of building my own PC to further my capabilities with video editing.Going into high school, I expanded a bit into videography and ended up majoring in digital filmmaking at Wagner College in Staten Island, NY as a student athlete on the swim team.Please feel free to take a look at some of my work, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me via e-mail!


Senior Thesis Film &
Senior Honors Program Film

Now available to watch on vimeo! Click below for links:

Cherry Blossom's Elegy

Pluvial Allusion

Previous Works

(music videos, college projects from 2020 through 2021)

(short film, college projects from 2018 through 2019)

Works: 2020-2021

Includes: Music videos, college projects

Role(s) and description: directing, editing. A music video for SF Quartet produced by Music in Place.

Role(s) and description: directing, editing, compositing, videography. Music video for a mask PSA.

Role(s) and description: compositing, editing. An animatic for an After Effects class based on a screenplay I wrote for another class. Character animations by Izzy Delore. Inspired by the opening of Cowboy Bebop.

Role(s) and description: editing, compositing. A rap music video/short film for El Paso, TX-based rapper King Costa.

Role(s) and description: videography, editing. Music video for a piano piece produced by Music in Place.

Role(s) and description: editing. A music video produced by Music in Place.

Role(s) and description: editing, videography, sound design, directing. A short visual documentary for a documentary class assignment

Works: 2018-2019

Includes: short film, college projects

Role(s) and description: writing, directing, videography, editing. A short film about two ghost hunters produced in a college short film workshop course.

Role(s) and description: videography, editing. A cinematography class assignment done in Central Park.

Senior Thesis Film Preview:
Cherry Blossom's Elegy (2022)

Role(s) and description:Writing, directing, animation, videography, editing, compositing.An experimental short film exploring one's relationship with death. Featuring top motion animation, paper cut-out animation, and live action.

Preview and Stills:
Pluvial Allusion (2022)

Role(s) and Description:Writing, directing, "acting", videography, editing.A Covid-19 lockdown-era French New-Wave inspired short film about two strangers trying to deliver a package to its correct destination. A collaboration with musician and composer Tony Corman.

Current Resume

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